NEW Branding: MANA CAM 2017


Create logo graphic for the MANA CAM 2017 conference to be used on conference materials including social media graphics, advertising, merchandise and signage. Design logo, secondary marks, and supporting pattern.

Target Audience:

Birth professionals – those serving pregnant people in a variety of capacities. Target audience appreciates holistic approaches, with a focus on compassion, support, equality, and empowerment.

Key Design Criteria:

I did a little research into the area of Long Beach, CA to help give the conference branding a little bit of the “local flavor”. I discovered that Long Beach is a diverse, culturally rich area known for its shipping port, aquarium, the Queen Mary, and the shopping experience near the Long Beach Ferris Wheel.

I really loved the idea of using the ferris wheel as the inspiration for this design. I felt that it wonderfully embodied the idea of collaboration as all of the different seats of the ferris wheel are rotating around a singular focal point in balance and harmony. I also designed the mark so that the graphic has elements reminiscent of a ship’s steering wheel to bring in a maritime flavor and created “spokes” of the ferris wheel that represent abstract human figures all coming together in one central focus. Finally, the zig-zag lines and concentric circles of the ferris wheel add a bit of a mandala styling to the graphic which ties in so well with birth work.

Typography + Colors:

I felt it was important for the word Collaborate to be strong and readable. The flowing script of the subhead softens the mark.

In thinking about which colors might best represent this location, and taking into
consideration the colors that would also complement the current MANA and CAM logo colors, I chose two shades of blue (to match the MANA and CAM blues), and a soft pinkish-orange to offset the blues.

Primary Logo:


Secondary Marks:



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