NEW Branding: Feathered Nest


Create overall branding for the Feathered Nest, a company that produces holistic, natural products for mothers such as lactation tea, salve, and herbal baths to be sold at retail. Design logo, typography recommendations, secondary marks, and supporting graphics.

Target Audience:

Pregnant women, mothers of small children, those living a holistic lifestyle and seeking products with quality, natural ingredients.


Key Design Criteria:

Main colors suggested were blue, green, magenta, and gold. The client provided a Pinterest mood board for ideas and examples of other logos and packaging elements they liked.

I frequently visited the Anthropologie website for inspiration, as the client mentioned that they envision their customers desiring the high end, high class experience that this store offers.

Typography + Colors:

The main font for the logo invokes the soft, comfort-bringing, and somewhat ethereal quality of the brand. The supporting serif font used in the secondary mark brings in a modern edge and it can be used in large copy areas where readability is an issue.


By using the deep, jewel tones of green and blue, the brand feels rich and trustworthy, while the gold accent adds warmth. When the budget and application allows, the branding could be further enhanced by the use of gold foil in place of the yellow-gold ink color.

Primary Logo:


Secondary Marks:




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