New Branding: RumBBQ

This has to be my most mouth-watering project to date!

I recently had a client approach me with the request to create a logo based off of an illustration he had had done to promote his BBQ competition team and catering business. Food and I are good friends, and we are talking real, slow-smoked, custom-seasoned, mouth-watering, hand-pulled pork so of course I said yes!


The requirements for the job were simple: pare down the essence of the provided illustration into a strong, easily-recognizable logo mark. When thinking about the very basics of what I needed to convey, two words came to mind: Pig and Fire. But to keep that extra special “something” that would make the RumBBQ brand stand out amongst other pit masters where “Pig” and “Fire” are a common theme, it was essential to keep the nod to the pirate motif.

RMB-238 Simplified Pig Logo_RGB

I’m really pleased with the final result – we have a strong graphic mark that meets the requirements of an effective logo: simple, memorable, relevant, and unique. The logo will work great at any size, from napkins and glassware, to aprons and t-shirts!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go enjoy a sammich…